GOOOOOOOAL! Champions of the chalet world

Sporting Events

As punters know to their cost, there are not many racing certainties to be had. But you can bet on our chalets being winners wherever there is a crowd.

Clean, dry and lockable, they are perfect for big events and for everything from food and drink to programmes and souvenirs and are also a great addition to facilities at racecourses, motor and bike racing circuits for example.

When you consider the UK's diverse sporting scene, from highland games to Cornish wrestling, the list of where our chalets would enhance an occasion is endless.


A city or country ground that lacks shelter? Your own executive box? Luxury for cricket scorers? A home for croquet mallets, hoops and balls and of course the mower and roller? For refreshments and or a bar?

Remember they can be painted and customised for you, you can hire them for a whole season and we can link them to create more space.


Fun Facts

Did you know that there is a ‘mini Grand National’ for young jockeys and Shetland ponies at the annual London International Horse of the Year show? It features diminutive fences appropriate for the length of the ponies’ legs. Cute!