PINEAPPLE CHALETS Robust, smart, clean


Pineapple chalets are the cornerstones of the most successful and atmospheric Christmas markets around the UK, such as at London's Southbank Centre.

Our chalets delight bright-eyed visitors looking for some festive spirit to add sparkle and fun to their seasonal shopping. They do not disappoint.

They're robust, smart, clean and versatile and we set them all up for the traders with electricity, water, chiller cabinets and counters.


Christmas market - Birmingham

We serve festive markets around the country including the big ones in Birmingham and Manchester.

We know how to create a Christmas or winter festival feel with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and we just love it when we see our chalets turned into a winter wonderland.

And of course markets are not only for Christmas. At any time of the year our chalets are perfect for the job.



Fun Facts

In 1616, a priest in the German city of Nuremberg had to cancel the afternoon service on Christmas Eve because the local Christmas market proved so popular no one went to church.