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I was employed by the Southbank Centre as Site Manager for the 2015 Winter Festival which was located on the Hungerford Car Park and along the Queen’s Walk.

Pineapple Events Solutions provided the 49 chalets for the food and craft traders. I found Amy and Charles Barwick a pleasure to work with from start to finish. From the first meeting to provide one of their chalets for examination by the SC team , to the removal of all the chalets at the end of the festival, their enthusiasm and efficiency in providing a good service was impressive , and certainly made my life easier.

The documentation required was comprehensive and relevant to the SC festival with nothing generic offered. The chalets were robust , smart and popular with the traders. Charles was willing and able to make adjustments in the first few days as some traders needed refinements to suit their operations.

Installation and removal was carried out within the logistical restraints that come with working in a public area. The Fun Foods team were vigilant to ensure that no hazards were created for the pedestrians on the walkway as the chalets were worked on. In addition care was taken to ensure no damage caused to ground surfaces or adjacent landscaping.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Fun Foods to a potential landowner or event organisation.


Jonathan Bartlett