WE'RE PINEAPPLE It's Pineapple time!


The company

Pineapple Events Solutions is owned by Amy and Charles Barwick. They are dynamic and enthusiastic, running the business with their highly valued staff.

Pineapple manufactures its own chalets, which Charles has honed down to a fine art over the last 10 years. Amy works to get clients the best and most suitable packages whether that is chalet hire or provision of full onsite management services.

Both believe in a straightforward and open approach to business with a lot of hard work thrown in. It’s served them well and they now have a client list of which to be proud as well as a team of committed and loyal staff.

You may see Charles and Amy at a chalet event near you!

Why Pineapple?
There are lots of reasons to choose Pineapple:

Here is a quick list:

  • Chalets that are attractive and reliable (a bit like the perfect partner)
  • Chalets that are made by us and perfected by us (we are a little obsessed with them)
  • Chalets that are provided by a TOTALLY reliable and honest company (really this is true)
  • Bespoke chalets no problem (we can make the chalet of your dreams)
  • Service that knocks spots off other companies (we are blemish free)
  • No hidden costs (we won’t spoil a beautiful relationship by presenting bills with ‘extras’)
  • Enthusiastic, dedicated and professional (it’s catching)
  • Years of experience (not from the dawn of time, but enough so we know how to do the job properly) 
  • Great contact list of traders